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Night Fever – Fantastic Light Painting Workshop

The Maeda Monster by David Clumpner

It’s been a busy few weeks. Last weekend was the Light Painting Workshop with guest instructor Trevor Williams. It was a fantastic course, everyone learned a lot, and each of the students produced some amazing images. Here are just of few of things we created.

Dave bends the Matrix by Jen Shue

Dave bends the Matrix by Jen Shue

Trevor does Tron by Jen Shue

Trevor does Tron by Jen Shue

Moon and Fire by Natalie Jo

Beach Flowers by Shawn Miller

Ocean Sphere by Shawn Miller

Thanks to all the participants who made this such a great weekend, and of course to Trevor for flying down from Okayama for the weekend. If you missed this course, Trevor’s next weekend workshop will be in Vancouver this August and then hopefully we can get him back to Okinawa sometime in 2012.

July 2011 Light Painting Workshop (Shawn, Natalie, Dave, Chris, Jen, Trevor)

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  1. Graaah! I’m so mad I missed all of this! I got distracted and busy and it totally spaced my mind after the last e-mail I sent you. These are awesome images! If you guys go painting for fun again (weekend) let me know. I WILL make time.

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