Japan, Pentax 645D, Photography
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Hamaori-sai, Chigasaki, Tokyo (Part 1)


After spending the night drinking coffee in a Gusto restaurant Damon, Lily and I joined the worshipers as they arrived at the beach.

Hamaori-sai takes place each year on Marine Day, in the city of Chigasaki. Mikoshi (portable shrines) are carried down to the beach and into the ocean. Large waves, a strong undertow, and a lack of sleep made the event even more memorable.

Hamaori-sai Chigasaki (1)

First portrait of the day, and it’s not even 5AM 🙂

Hamaori-sai Chigasaki (2)

The sun’s rays begin to creep over the horizon while more mikoshi make their way to the ocean.

Hamaori-sai Chigasaki (3)

Love shooting portraits at festivals. Someone told me recently that I’m a face collector. Sounds creepy, but it’s true 🙂

Hamaori-sai Chigasaki (4)

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