Japan, Pentax 645D, Photography
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Hamaori-sai, Chigasaki, Tokyo (Part 3)


The early start was all a bit too much for this little girl.


This baby was equally unimpressed.

Hamaori-sai "Happi Dog!"

I did however find a happi dog. (This is a hilarious pun.The short sleeved jacket the dog is wearing is called a Happi. Please roll around on the floor with laughter.)

Mikoshi bearer with mikoshi-dako callous.

The man above is a katsugite (担ぎ手) or mikoshi carrier. The huge callous on his shoulder tells you that he always carries the mikoshi on his right shoulder and he does it a lot. I presume he take part in festivals all over Japan, it’s not something that would appear after just a single morning down at the beach.

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  1. Oh, my. That’s quite the tako. I guess it makes sense that such would develop, but it never really occurred to me…

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