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Visions of Japan on You Tube

A couple of years ago I held a small exhibition at Cotonoha Art Space + Cafe. It’s a great place run by American expat Daryl “Michi” Mitchell, and well worth visiting. Hideki, one of  Michi’s friends,  asked if he could make a mini documentary about the event, and it was finally uploaded to You Tube a few weeks ago.

I’m aware that my name isn’t spelt correctly at times, but it’s a great reminder of a fun event. A big thanks to Keith Gordon of Ryukyu Underground for the use of his tracks as background music. More thanks to both Michi and Hideki for helping me put on the exhibition and creating the video.

You can see more images from my exhibitions in the following video. Music by Eduardo Terre.

Prints from the exhibitions are currently available through the website or at Kadena Gift Corner.


  1. Katharine says

    Rebekah was waving at her Uncle Chris in the film.

    Good exhibition video – do the prints look small now compared to your Tokyo Pentax exhibition print?

    • I thought the same thing when I saw the video. I must admit the huge prints are impressive for exhibitions. Hopefully I can arrange for a Tokyo exhibition to be done with the same huge prints.

  2. Tom Amick says

    Thanks for the movie. Kathy and I really enjoyed it. She hadn’t seen many of the pictures. You recieved many claps, and a standing ovation. The music matched perfectly with the images too. Keep up the excellent work!

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