Okinawa, Pentax 645D, Photography
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Night Fever

Here’s a couple of night photographs I’ve taken since Trevor’s light painting course last month.

Stars over Zakimi

Stars over Zakimi

Stars and torchlight over Maeda

Stars and flashlight over Maeda

The first shot had an exposure of about half a minute, the second shot was closer to 15 minutes.


  1. Tom Amick says

    Are you using filters on th lens to get the longer exposures, or just a small aperture?

    • No filters, and I think the lens aperture was quite large to make sure you could see the stars. I could use a very long exposure simply because it was so dark. A moonless sky works best. Go out into the countryside away from the city lights, point the camera at the sky, set to bulb, and open the shutter for a few minutes. You’ll be surprised at what you can get.

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