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Fun in the Sun

Great Photography 101 workshop last weekend. Saturday was all about the fundamentals, looking at how we can better control aperture, exposure and composition, then on Sunday we explored the Yomitan peninsular to practice our techniques.

Shirley got this great shot of a couple posing at Cape Maeda. I like the way she’s positioned the couple away from the center of the frame for better composition, and captured the decisive moment as they both smile for their own photograph.

Maeda Couple by Shirley Martin

And here’s a shot of me demonstrating that you sometimes have to get down to the same level as your subjects.

Adan & Chris by Shirley Martin

As one of Japan’s most famous diving and snorkeling spots it was not surprising that on a gorgeous day in August there were plenty of people enjoying the water. I took at quick photograph of the scene, and when looking at the image on the computer it reminded of the Where’s Wally books. (Where’s Waldo in the U.S.)

Divers and Snorkelers at Cape Maeda

I put the full size image up on Flickr, scroll around the screen to check out everyone having fun in the sun.


  1. Tord S Eriksson says

    I tried to count the number of people in the water, but eventually gave up – great shot!

  2. Judith says

    The Cape Maeda photo is realy impressive. So much detail and so clear – fantastic.

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