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Ceramic Knives

Kyocera Ceramic Knife

Kyocera Ceramic Knife

My younger sister used to work in Sheffield’s steel industry, which makes the following comment almost heresy. I just bought a ceramic knife.

Although they’re both usually white, a ceramic knife is very different from the dull plastic utensil you’re given on planes or at picnics. Constructed from zirconium dioxide the blade is hard and it’s edge is very, very sharp. On Okinawa where you live in a mix of humidity, rain and salt spray, steel doesn’t stand much of a chance. Knives, cars, lawnmowers, and bicycles are quickly reduced to junk. (Prizes to those who spotted the pun in the last sentence.)

Although the knife is more brittle than a metal blade, (you’ll break the tip if you try to lever the lid off a can of paint) it’s still an impressive piece of engineering. Until recently, I’d always associated high-tech ceramics with the Space Shuttle, but now it is companies like Kyocera who are at the cutting edge of technology.


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