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Snorkeling on Okinawa

Snorkel Reflections

Along with the other images from the shoot I thought I’d try and get a snorkeling stock image. The ocean isn’t normally so flat, but it was great to get such a clear reflection.

If anyone’s interested, I think the best spots on Okinawa for snorkeling are Sunabe Seawall for the vast gardens of soft coral, Cape Maeda for the easy access and the Blue Cave, and Channel Crevices for its shallow tide pool and interesting rock formations.

Just remember that when snorkeling don’t rely on an inflatable ring or an air mattress if you’re not a strong swimmer. There have been numerous cases of mainland Japanese drowning after they are pushed out to sea by the wind, or their floatation device is popped by sharps rocks or coral. Also be careful if you snorkel out past the reef edge and the breaking waves. If the winds change and large waves suddenly appear, you may find yourself unable to get back to shore without going through a gauntlet of churning surf.


  1. I thought Manzamo was much better than Maeda for snorkeling. There’s a lot less people around and the long shallows at Manzamo gives you a more diverse range of ecosystems within easy snorkeling depth.

    • Chris says

      Ourawan beach at Camp Schwab had some of the best snorkeling I have ever seen. Recon Rocks is just amazing. It can be a little intimidating for some. But there’s plenty of days in the summer months when it’s very calm. Like a lake. Following basic common sense rules and I guarantee you an amazing experience that won’t be soon forgotten. I’m still thinking about it and I was there in 1987!!!

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