Japan, Okinawa
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Trash Talking Okinawa

Laundry Day

In Okinawa, you have to pay a small fee for the disposal of trash. You must buy specially marked bags for your regular household waste, and buy special labels to stick on larger items such as washing machines, televisions, or refrigerators.
The problem is that old appliances now appear as if by magic at your local park, woodland or beach. I feel the rage inside of me growing…

Upgraded to digital? Send your old TV to relax by the beach.

The rubber left the road.

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Travel writer and photographer living in Okinawa, Japan


  1. Sounds like much the same system as here (though you can use any transparent bags and don’t need to buy special ones). I guess there’s less space to “forget” large-size trash somewhere in a dense city, and stuff that does get left out will be scrounged up pretty quickly.

  2. Sarah says

    Unfortunately the same happens around Shikoku…and not just in the mountains but on the coastline too! If you have some free time, you could try to set up a clean up project. My friends, students and colleagues responded really well to my initiatives in Naruto as you can see on this blog: http://beachcleaningnaruto.blogspot.com/

    • Tom Amick says

      That is so sad to see. Here in Southern California we have free cleanup days where you can bring your electronics for recycling. Also we have a seperate recycling bin that get’s set out every other week for paper, and some plastic items. I’m surprised that more places don’t have recycling programs in effect. Of course there are still people around here that like to dump their items off in odd places beside the road. I guess some people don’t get the concept of keeping a clean environment.

  3. Barney Gumble says

    Same here in Hokkaido – Instead of paying for the bags they prefer throwing it near the highway, woods and even parks, no difference in all Japan : from Far north Hokkaido to south Okinawa .

    But It hurts me even more when I saw those trash next to wonderful beaches in Motobu(Okinawa ) – I really wish someone could make “cleanup” days like Tom mentioned here in Okinawa too, Im sure some natureloving people join and clean up a day or two even for free even its not “our trash”
    I would !

    Spread the word, lets embarrass those people who destroy nature !

  4. Val Robinson says

    It’s much the same here in rural Gloucestershire, you can never be sure what you’ll find dumped in hedgerows. I can’t understand it as we have plenty of free recycling centres.

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