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Google Plus

After a little prodding from friends I have now joined Google Plus. You can find me here and add me (or encircle me) to follow my various exploits. I hadn’t realized that some people are googlers rather than facebookers. If you’re a tweeter, I’m sorry, but I haven’t opened that can of worms just yet.

As for the usefulness of Google Plus I will give it a bit of time before reaching any conclusions. I have however made several new contacts already, and received a nice email from Pentax Europe introducing themselves and asking about prints. All in all, it’s good to be prodded from time to time.


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Travel writer and photographer living in Okinawa, Japan


  1. David orr says

    Chris congrats on the email from Europe, that is awesome that you are being recognized for your tremendous work. Welcome to google . It has opened up a few doors for me.

  2. About damn time! Welcome to the party :).

    It’s pretty much the simplicity and privacy/sharing mix that Facebook should have been.

  3. Good to see you there; to me it is a lot more interactive than facebook for comments and feedback on photography. Just start searching and adding people to circles; that’s the only secret to G+.

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