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Jidai Matsuri – Geiko Greatness

The stars of the Jidai Matsuri are the Kyoto Geisha, known as Geiko, who dress as characters from Japanese history. Very pleased that I got some up close and personal images. Hopefully will take some photographs of the Geiko in more traditional costumes on my next trip to Kyoto.

Geiko Naokazu of Kamishichiken dressed as the 13th century writer Madame Fujiwara-Tameie

Geiko Ichiteru wearing the costume of 12th Century court dancer Lady Shizuka.

Geiko Tamaha of Gion Kobu dressed as the female samurai and concubine Tomoe Gozen.


  1. I was in Kyoto during the Jidai Matsuri but could only take photos from afar. Were you an official photographer? Beautiful photos, by the way. Hope you post some more.

    • Hi Reggie,
      Glad you liked the photos. No I didn’t have a press pass for this one. I thought about trying to sort one out for the event, but the entire trip was a little last minute so I just had to wing it. I was pretty lucky to be in the right place at the right time.

  2. Hi!
    I am also very much impressed by your Jidai Matsuri photos. I can’t believe these photos were taken hastily on the spot.

    Yesterday, there was Tokyo Jidai Matsuri in Asakusa, Tokyo. I didn’t go. I went before and it was a big disappointment. Not only it is a copy of Kyoto but I found there is not much “jidai” (history) in Tokyo.

  3. I’ve shunned digital because the quality and feel couldn’t match that I’d found on film. But having recently looked in on you, and Kerrick James, I’ve found that the Pentax 645D really does equal the 67. This is very good work – equal to film, and I believe you’ve grown as a photographer as well – capturing scenes you’d otherwise not have been able to record on film. These are very fine images indeed.

    -Adam Johnson
    Minneapolis, Minnesota

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