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Fight Night

Women Boxing

Hannah ready to fight.

8th Rule: If this is your first time modeling, you HAVE to fight.

Pentax 645D
SMC PENTAX D FA 645 55mm F2.8AL

Models: Hannah Pate & Amanda Perez
Makeup: Summer Johnson

Lighting – Charcoal Grey Background. Horlzontal gridded strip box on high and right powered by Profoto Pro-7a as the main light. Strobe triggered with PocketWizards. Pro-7a gives me a flash duration of about 1/10,000 second to stop the action. Lights in the background are cheap hotshoe flashes taped to light stands and then set to slave.

No models were injured in the making of this shot 🙂

Women Boxing

Hannah brings the fury down on Amanda

Women Boxing

Amanda hits back

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