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Men in Motion

D in Motion

D in Motion

Recently I was chatting with another photographer about adding motion to images. When shooting with the Pentax 67II camera I had a very deliberate and static style. The camera was often mounted on a tripod, and on the whole my subjects, whether they were landscapes or people, were not moving.

Shooting digital has given me the ability to push my boundaries and add some dynamism. The reason for this is more financial than technical. If you want to do shots with motion, you are going to have to shoot a large number of frames. At well over a dollar a shot with the Pentax 67 it would have been an expensive way to work. As I mentioned in the previous blog, at the D / Ryan shoot I took over a 1000 frames. I wouldn’t have been happy if I’d had to pay between one and two grand on just film and processing.

Ryan in Motion

Ryan in Motion

Of course not all shots require leaping, punching or pirouetting, but sometimes the ability to add a little movement, might be just what you need.

D Jump

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