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The Flapper

Back to the 1920’s with these shots. The beautiful Tomoko as the Flapper girl and the talented Summer Johnson on makeup.

20's Flapper Girl

The Flapper

Pentax 645D
Pentax 67 100mm macro with 67 to 645 adapter

Model: Tomoko Peters
Makeup: Summer Johnson

Lighting – Charcoal Grey background. Gridded Beauty Dish right side as the main light. Rectangular soft box on left , both powered by Profoto Pro-7a. Strobes triggered with PocketWizards.

And if you prefer your lighting a bit more moody…

20's Flapper Girl

Flapper in the Shadows

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Travel writer and photographer living in Okinawa, Japan

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  1. These are likely images that work much better in print. Monitor settings (and surrounding light) varies so much that it’s hard to keep the light balance properly across viewers. On my screen these are rather too dark, though I strongly suspect they look fine on yours and many others.

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