Okinawa, Pentax 645D, Photography
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Shisa Artist Sano Toshio ( Portraits with the 645 FA 150mm )

Shisa Maker Haru Toshi ( Pentax 645 FA 150mm )

Shisa Maker Sano Toshio ( Pentax 645 FA 150mm )

Shisa artist Haru Toshi was at the sunflower festival in Kitanakagusku Village.  He said he had a face like the lion-dog talismans he creates.

The 150mm lens for the Pentax 645 is a great portrait lens. It is the equivalent of a 118mm lens on a 35mm FF body so it gives nice proportions to the face, and at wide apertures gives a very limited depth of field.

If we put the following information into a depth of field calculator: 645D sensor, f/stop 2.8, lens 150mm, focus 1m 20cm it gives the depth of field as 1.58cm. This means if you focus on the eye, the tip of the nose and ear will be fading into bokeh.  (Interestingly it’s about the same D.O.F. as you get with an 85mm at f/1.4  at 1m 20cm on a FF)

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