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Triple Terabyte Time Machine

I-0 DATA 3TB Hard Disk

I-0 DATA 3TB Hard Disk

As you shoot more photos, or buy more media from iTunes you are going to fill up both the hard disks on your computer, and if you’re a Mac user, your Time Machine. My 1.5TB Time Machine was so full it couldn’t update easily so I decided to get something bigger. The hard disk I was previously using as the Time Machine will then be used for off-site backups.

Fortunately as the need for storage grows, the price per terabyte  has gone down. In Japan, you can now get a 3TB hard disk for less than ¥16,000  which is about the same amount I paid for the 1.5TB model a year or two ago.

Not a particularly exciting piece of gear, but if you don’t back up your data…

“All those moments will be lost in time, like tears in rain.”

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  1. Tom Amick says

    I like the quote from “Bladerunner”. That’s one of my all time favorite movies, and quotes. I can’t believe how cheap storage is now. I remember back in the late 1980s when a 40 Megabyte hard drive was huge, and it probably cost over $1000. If you took that cost per megabyte, and translated it into a 3 Terabyte hardrive it would cost you about 75 million dollars. It’s a good thing that the price per Megabyte went down over the years otherwise not many people would be able to afford the type of computer performance that we have all gotten used to.

  2. I have so many hard drives they became hard to manage with all of the power supplies etc. I ended up switching to a usb dock where you just plug in a bare drive (like plugging in a CF memory card).

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