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Light Painting Workshop May 4th and 5th

Light Painting Workshop with Trevor Williams

Light Painting Workshop with Trevor Williams

Another quick announcement. On May 4th and 5th Trevor Williams is returning to Okinawa to teach a 2- day Light Painting Workshop.

Come join me for two nights of fun and photography. I would like to introduce the magic of light painting and night photography. The first night we will be covering long exposure and night photography essentials. Learn how to make an image rather than take an image. Use time and light to build up your picture from a black canvas in to exactly what you envisioned.

You’ll then be prepared for the second night which will focus on light painting and other creative techniques. I will reveal some of my secrets and show you step by step how to create amazing light paintings. You’ll also learn how to make custom tools and use them creatively.

Light painting and night photography has a certain magic about it. When the shutter closes you will find your self running back to the camera to see what you have captured. Friends and family will be stunned by the images you’ve been able to create. After the weekend you’ll have the knowledge and skills to go out and start painting Okinawa with light.

Trevor Williams

Class is from 4PM to 10PM on both days. Course fee is US$150. The workshop will take place at my home / studio in Ishikawa and in the Uruma City / Yomitan area. I will start taking bookings for places in March.

Light Painting Workshop with Trevor Williams


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