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Synchronized Freedive Photography

Freediving is diving without the use of SCUBA gear. Jacques Mayol (as mentioned in my Yonaguni posts) was one of the world’s most famous exponents of the sport. While my parents were visiting Okinawa I took them snorkeling at Cape Maeda. I brought the K5 camera and housing along, held my breath, and got some shots of them exploring the reef. My dad brought along his W60 waterproof P&S and at one point we took photos at the exact same time.

The view from above - ( Pentax W60 )

The view from above (Pentax W60)

The view from below ( K5 with Ikelite housing )

The view from below ( K5 with Ikelite housing )

It turns out that freediving and photography are a tricky mix. As a photographer you’re often limited by battery life, memory cards, imagination and talent, but removing the ability to breathe is perhaps pushing things a little too far. Until I’ve developed gills, I think I stick to doing most of my underwater photography with a tank of air.

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  1. Ian Thorpe says

    Really interesting and unusual shots – but I take your point about the tank of air being handy!

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