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La-kun the Newfoundland

La-kun the Newfoundland

La-kun is a large dog. When Japanese people see my labrador, they often say things like 大きい!! (Big!!)  and Bear is only 27 kilos. La-kun is over 60 kilos, and could be mistaken for a tuskless mammoth.

La-kun the Newfoundland

Fortunately La-kun is also the most docile creature I’ve ever met. He lumbers around slowly and then lies down for a rest. What I didn’t know was that Newfoundlands are water dogs and, like labradors, very good swimmers. La-kun has been trained as a water rescue dog so hopefully in the future I’ll use the underwater housing and take some shots of him in action.

La-kun the Newfoundland

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  1. Katharine says

    There’s no sense of scale in these photos – the first picture I thought “aah cute puppy” then you said he’s huge. My mistake!

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