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In the Studio – Darryl Chiang

Darryl - The Natural

Darryl – The Natural

A portfolio session with model Darryl Chiang. We worked fast and efficiently to get a good selection of images in a short amount of time. Makeup artist Summer Johnson was on hand as guys (or potential Presidents) can sometimes benefit from the use of makeup. Summer’s talents, however, would really come in to play on Darryl’s next shoot, “Fight Club”.

Darryl - The Tech Mogul

Darryl – The Tech Mogul

Darryl has been told he looks like a Korean pop star, but I thought I’d go for a Japanese otaku theme for this next shot.

Darryl - The Otaku

Darryl – The Otaku

And finally a far cooler sports image of Darryl on a triathlon / time trial bicycle.

Darryl - The Speed Racer

Darryl – The Speed Racer

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