Japan, Pentax 645D
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Matsuri Exhibition – Test Prints

The 34 images to be displayed in my Matsuri exhibition have been selected and you can see the choices on Flickr.

I then made prints of each of the 34 images myself using the same large format printer and Hahnemuhle papers I use to make prints for sale or clients. For the exhibition the images are printed borderless (for mounting on board), rather than with a white border (to be used with a matt and framed). Each print I made was around 17×24 inches or A2 in size. The prints were then sent to Tokyo and Pentax will have them mounted for the exhibition.

Pentax also agreed to print five of my images B0 or a whopping 55.7 x 39.4 in. I sent them the original DNG files and today I got five A4 size test prints from Horiuchi Color Labs

Test prints from Horiuchi Color Labs

Test prints look great so we’re ready to go big. 11 days to go.

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  1. Nice work Chris. All that hard work paying off at last. Hope that this does not signal an end to your matsuri travels though. Otherwise we’ll never get to see you in Tokyo again.
    All the best.

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