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Hadaka Matsuri on QI

Hadaka Matsuri on QI

I was watching the latest episode of the British quiz show QI yesterday and spotted one of my images being used to illustrate the Hadaka Matsuri in Okayama.

Hadaka Matsuri on QI

Hadaka Matsuri on QI

A little surprised that the researchers managed to get the details of the festival so confused. There is no mud involved in the Okayama Hadaka Matsuri (but this does occur at a different “Naked” festival) The winner doesn’t get two sticks but the sticks are thrown into the throng of men by the priests and fought over. The sticks are now thrown at 10PM rather than midnight. And finally, the men are wearing fundoshi loincloths so they are not actually naked.


At the moment you can watch the episode on You Tube, my pic is at about 33 minutes.

And a final quite interesting fact. Host Stephen Fry will play the part of the Master of Laketown in the new Hobbit movies.

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