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Nikon D300S

Nikon D300S. $1500 on Amazon, or just snip through the webbing, grab the strap, and run.

And now for a public safety announcement, or a personal rant depending on how you look at things.

I dislike branded camera straps. I hate camera straps that show the model number.

I know that many camera owners are passionate fans of their own team, and proud to own a particular high-end model. However, wandering around a country where the average per capita annual income is $1219 and blatantly advertising the fact that you are holding a US$1500 dollar camera is not a good idea. (And yes I do believe thieves will know the value of different camera models.)

Nikon D600

Nikon D600 – $2000 on Amazon. You’d have to wrestle to get it off the guy’s wrist but you could probably get the watch at the same time.

My advice is to change your camera strap to something less obvious. I have a simple black PacSafe strap I can easily attach and remove.

645D with cameraflage

645D with cameraflage

It’s also not a bad idea to give your camera a makeover so that it looks a little older and beaten up. An opportunist thief is less likely to want to steal your gear, when there are  pristine brand name cameras that would be much easier to resell. I put a few pieces of black duct tape across the logo, over the top of the camera, on the corners of the body and on the lens hood. All can be easily removed later. (As you can see I wasn’t planning on using the hot shoe.) Of course, your equipment could still get stolen, mislaid or damaged, so it’s a good idea to have insurance. A different strap and a little duct tape, however, could prevent your dream vacation from becoming a bit of a nightmare.

645D with cameraflage

645D with cameraflage


  1. Some nice ideas there, and I was going to ask you about that when I see you next (hopefully this weekend sometime)

  2. Great idea!! I might take you up on this considering my investment in gear!
    Seriously thinking of even removing the battery pack to make the camera smaller even. Those things make cameras stick out big time!!! Great post!!

  3. Greg says

    Nice to see you india shots chris; especially the holy men in there recently! my time in thailand this time was much less hassle with foreign technology – wifi everywhere 🙂

  4. Chris, glad you had a great time! I remember when you told me that my camera was all good because it looked like a ‘working’ camera since all the seals were hanging off etc etc LOL I once saw, and I want to say it was by black rapid, an ‘urban’ strap with an anti cutting wire in it and I think the images were of a photographer walking the London streets, where I can see that happening LOL

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