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Hidden Gems

Still organizing my images from India. Trying to get everything sorted, starred and keyworded before I head off on my next overseas trip.

Some photographs have immediate impact, usually the close up portraits with eye contact. Other more subtle images may fall through the cracks the first time I look through the thumbnails in Lightroom particularly if they don’t fit my usual style of shots.

Indian Couple - Jaipur, Rajasthan, India

Indian Couple – Jaipur, Rajasthan, India

Just came across this image, a snapshot I took while wandering along the street during my final day in Jaipur. I happened to look down an alleyway, saw this couple, and took a pic. It’s very different to my other photographs (it looks like something one of my photographer friends Alfie Goodrich or Matt Brandon would have shot) which perhaps is why I missed it the first time, and love it now.

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  1. I’ll say again, here, what I just said to you on Facebook: that’s very sweet of you mate But you very definitely have your own eye and style. Love this shot. Great moment you caught here.

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