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Christmas Deadline for Prints – December 15th

Snow Monkey Hug

Snow Monkey Hug

If you’d like to give one of my prints as a Christmas gift, then the deadline for ordering is December 15th. Worldwide express shipping with tracking is fast, reliable, and included in the price, but I like to have 10 days as the postal services around the world can get a little busy during the holiday season.  Check out all the prints available on the TRAVEL67 website.

Rising Sun

Rising Sun

There are three new prints also available: Shuri Castle, Torii & Lantern, Cape Manza. They are not up on the website yet, but if you’d like to order one of these just send me a message and I’ll be in touch.

Shuri Castle

Shuri Castle (NEW)

Torii and Lantern

Torii & Lantern (NEW)

Cape Manza

Cape Manza (NEW)

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  1. Paige Hudson says

    I would love to get one of Hanshi Nakaza from your masters session when we were there in June.

    Paige 🙂

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