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Coca-Cola Serving Sizes (and an unusual pricing system)

Coca-Cola Can Sizes in Japan 160ml 250ml 350ml 500ml

Coca-Cola Can Sizes in Japan: 160ml 250ml 350ml 500ml

There are four can sizes for Coca-Cola in Japan. The standard can is 350ml and usually sells for around 120 yen (US$1.20). Interestingly, the 500ml can has 150ml free so is the same price, but they are often sold side by side. On the platforms for bullet trains,  coke is sold in the slimline 250ml cans at, you’ve guessed it, 120 yen. The 160ml mini cans  are available in some supermarkets for around 60 yen.  Mini cans are clearly an excellent choice allowing you to save money, reduce calories, and pretend you’re Andre the Giant.

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