1. Merry Xmas, Chris!
    Been a terribly wet, and windy, Xmas in northern Europe this year! Even a slight photo session outdoors turns into a chore!

    I am mostly a Nikon man now, the Pentax being restricted to an old K-x, with a DA40, and my wife got a K-30 with the DA55-300, a surprisingly good lens, considering its price!

    The rest is D600 for me (I love the Sigma 35/1.4!), and a V1, while my wife has an OM-D E-M5, with a heap of lenses.

    Wonder if there ever will be a FF Pentax?!

    I bet the Nikon Df would suit your style of photography, with its low noise sensor, and still fairly compact design — same size as the K-3, I suppose!

    • Nikon Df looks very nice, but the K3 does a great job at a fraction of the price. If I want a real old school feel then i’ll go the whole hog and just get out my 67!

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