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Smile! Photos are now on 500px!


I’ve just set up a 500px account, as another way for people to find and browse through my images. I had imagined that having a website, a blog, Flickr, Facebook and Google+ was more than enough exposure, but other professional photographers said that 500px would be a useful tool in reaching new markets.

A more significant change is that on Flickr and 500px I will now start uploading images that are 900 pixels wide on the short edge. Posting larger images on the web is always a conundrum. Too large and you could have people stealing your photos and using them commercially without receiving payment, they also they take longer to load on webpages. Too small and the viewing experience for web surfers is diminished.

As the resolution of screens has increased, and data transfer speeds have improved, some images on my website and blog were starting to look very small.  The new larger images  will still be watermarked and  the copyright information is still embedded in the metadata, but hopefully people will enjoy the upgrade!

See the new larger photos on 500px.

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