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Studio Lighting Intro Workshop

Kevin models for a five light studio setup

Kevin models for a five light studio setup

Great fun was had by all at the first studio lighting intro workshop. After talking about the different types of equipment available we spent the rest of the weekend taking studio portraits. We began with a single light, added a reflector, and eventually got up to shooting with numerous strobes.

Things got comical as we got dressed up for our hospital staff portraits. Individual images were composited together to get the group shot of all six people.

Thank you Kathy, Molly, Lemont, Kevin and James!

I’ll put dates of future workshop up on the Photography Workshops page. If you’re waiting for a specific workshop, or wanting 1 to 1 training, please send me an email.

The Studio Workshop Class Feb 2014!

The Studio Lighting Into Workshop Class of Feb 2014!

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