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Print Sale! March 1st to 10th, 20% all limited edition prints.

Cherry Blossom

“Cherry Blossom” (NOW AVAILABLE!)

For just 10 days, I’m having a special 20% off sale on my limited edition prints of Japan.

This is the first time I’ve offered special pricing since I began producing the limited edition prints in 1998. It won’t happen again in 2014.

Cape Manza

“Cape Manza” (NOW AVAILABLE)

A2 (17″x 24″) Edition 50 JPY ¥33,000         March 1- 10th 26,400 yen (approx US$264)
A3 (12″ x 17″) Edition 100 JPY ¥22,000      March 1- 10th 17,600 yen (approx US$176)

Price includes international express shipping with tracking and insurance.

All prints are made with the highest quality archival paper and pigment inks so your investment will look great,  long into the future.


“Fireworks at Itsukushima”

Ordering – Please email me with the name of the print(s) you’d like, and the size (s). I will then send you a PAYPAL request for payment. Payment must be made before midnight March 10th, 2014 to have the special pricing. Email:

Snow Monkey Hug

“Snow Monkey Hug”

Living on Okinawa? If you’d like to come and browse the prints, then send me an email and I’ll send information on how to get to the studio.




  1. bernice0590 says

    Is the Snow Monkey Hug on sale? I’ve loved it since I first saw it!

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