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The curious case of the Flickr

Who's posting to my Flickr account?

Who’s posting to my Flickr account?

A strange thing happened the other day when I checked my Flickr page. Someone appeared to have hacked my account, logged in, uploaded several photos, and then tried to print one of my photos. They even took a screenshot as they tried to print, and they uploaded that too.

Immediately I started changing my passwords. If someone hacked my Flickr account maybe they had access to other accounts. I also contacted Flickr to try and sort out what was going on.

Who's trying to print my photos?

Who’s trying to print my photos?

Flickr got back to me promptly. It seems that I was “the innocent bystander to a Quality Assurance pass gone astray” and that my account had not been hacked.

It still seems very odd. Why would quality assurance be testing out uploading images to my stream, why leave the images on there, and why test out making prints?  Ironically assurance is exactly what I don’t now have in Flickr.

Until I spotted it, there were several photos that were not mine on my Flickr page. Viewers, and possibly potential clients, visiting my Flickr page would have been greeted by what appeared to be blatant copyright infringement on my behalf.

Anyone else out there had issues with their Flickr accounts being compromised?

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