Sony A7S II, Video
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Although my current cameras can record HD 1080 video, if I’m specifically working with video on a project I want to be able to shoot footage at 4K.  There are a wide range of cameras that can shoot 4K from a GoPro at a few hundred dollars to cinema cameras at a few hundred thousand.  After looking at the options, and discussing things with my friend Jon Galione, I bought a Sony A7S II that will allow me to start shooting 4K internally and produce high quality footage.

Just in the testing phase at the moment, but here’s a few seconds shot with the A7S II and a Rokinon 85mm lens.

Okay Go!


  1. Chris Stone says

    Chris, So what is the advantage of 4K over 1080 video? Regards Chris

    • 4K televisions with around 4 times the number of pixels compared to 1080 will become the norm. As a content provider I want to be able to shoot in 4K so I can provide clients with the footage they need for their projects. Advantages are high levels of detail, disadvantages are the amount of data you have to deal with.

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