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From Princess to Queen


Last Saturday I had a great location / studio shoot with Kelley. Kelley’s husband gave her a portrait session as a Christmas present and she had some magical ideas about what she’d like to do.  Her initial idea was to be a queen for a day, but with a change of outfit and makeup we realized we could first shoot softer images of “the princess” before turning to the dark side as “the queen”.


Cosmos fields are blooming at the moment so they made a beautiful background. I shot with the Pentax 645Z along with the 90mm and 300mm lenses. For light I used the Profoto B1 with a softlight reflector white.


After the softer images, makeup artist Audra Pesicka switched the hair and makeup to the second look. We first shot in the studio with a simple 3 light studio setup. ( Profoto D2 with beauty dish, and a Profoto 7a generator to 2 proheads in 1×4′ softboxes.)


Then we headed out to the village of Bise and its roads lined with Fukugi trees. This created a moody Into the Woods background.


We packed up the gear and started to walk back to the beachside carpark, then I noticed the sky. I asked Kelley if she was up for one more shot and we quickly set up the gear again. As the wind picked up and the rain began, Kelley struck the pose and we got a final epic shot.


A huge thanks to Kelley and Zac for being such fun and inspirational clients. Thank you to Audra Pesicka for her great work with hair and makeup, and to Yuki as my assistant.


Kelley & Zac 🙂

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