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Yoshitsune Senaga 10th dan Uechi Ryu Karate Do Kenseikai

On November 30th, I had the honor to photograph and shoot some video of Yoshitsune Senaga, 10th dan Uechi ryu karate at his dojo in Tomigusku, Okinawa. He is the 82nd sensei to be photographed for the Karate Masters Portrait Project.

81 year old Senaga sensei also studies kobudo, and was willing to show us his techniques with the sai.   Interestingly he showed how the pair of sai that he used would ring like tuning forks when hit.  He explained that this was because these sai were made from metal that was once used in a temple bell in Nara.

After taking portraits for the project, I recorded a quick interview with Senaga sensei, then finally we got some selfies of the group, and little Jasmine once again stole the show. 

The video, the second in the series we are working on, will be translated and hopefully appear online in the coming weeks.  This is an exciting new addition to the project, and we are currently thinking about how we can take this video series further. 


  1. Karlos says

    excellent photography I am fond of photography but I am an admirer of Master Senaga, what a privilege, I wish I could meet him, I greet him and congratulate him for his work.
    Karlos Argentina, Trelew Chubut

  2. Coz Dolan says

    Beautiful, what a wonderful project. So lovely to see the expertise from years of discipline and beautiful expression on this persons face, a life well lived. Well done.

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