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2018 Highlights

The biggest event of 2018 was on February 12th when Jasmine Victoria Willson was born.

Over the last 10 months she’s grown to be a delightful little toddler who is excited by all her adventures. Life now revolves around bananas, Igglepiggle, and bath time.

I’ve been shooting a wide range of imagery, along with producing some videos for SKYLUM software.

Periclimenes psamathe seafan shrimp on gorgonian sea fan @ Cape Zanpa, Okinawa, Japan.

The Karate Masters Portrait Project continued, and expanded to start a new video documentary series about the amazing martial arts sensei on Okinawa. 2019 will begin with some exciting news about the series.

At the start of the year I was out photographing the humpback whales while creating a video for SKYLUM, then at the end of the year I was recording the TEDxOIST lecture series with a team of videographers. One of the speakers was my good friend Nozomi Kobayashi who talked about her job monitoring the migrating whales.

In the spring I updated the Okinawa and Kyushu chapters for the next edition of Fodor’s Japan. Jasmine had her first trip down to Miyako Island.

Yuki experienced onsen bathing for the first time in beautiful Kagoshima Prefecture.

In summer we travelled back to the UK so that Jasmine could meet the extended family. Spent many days wandering around National Trust properties and eating cakes.

A huge thank you to my friends, family, workshops students, and clients for their support over the year. Wishing you all a relaxing holidays, and a fantastic 2019.


  1. seawildearth says

    2019’s gonna have to be a stellar year to top that lot. All the best to the family going forward. Good times.

    Mark, Terri and Josh down in the big city.

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