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Tookachi – Celebrating 88 years

Thought I’d post a few pics from the Tookachi 88th birthday celebration for Seikichi Iha. These are actually low res video stills but they’re enough to give an idea of what happens.

Traditional Ryukyu dancers wearing hanagasa hats open proceedings.

Iha Sensei pouring sake for honored guests and greeting those who come to give their best wishes. (His son sits to his left, his daughter to his right.)

 Masahiko Tokashiki sensei chatting with Iha Sensei.

Miguel da Luz catching up with Iha sensei.

So many members of the Beikoku Shido-kan Karate-do Association in attendance, along with numerous Okinawan karate masters.

Thank you for having me to your party! Congratulations Iha Sensei.


  1. Laura Chartier says

    Nice photos Chris…it was so nice to finally meet you in person!! Looking forward to seeing your next video!!

  2. Robert S. Menders says

    So nice to meet snd speak with you at Sensei Iha’s celebration banquet. I hope you took me up on my suggestion and spoke to Sensei Miyazato, 10th Dan from Argentina, as well as Sensei Seigi Shiroma, 10th Dan from Guam. If you really want an truly accurate picture as to how and why this stule has evolved from what it was 100 years ago, why, who amongst the oldest living community has embraced it, who has rejected it snd why, you need to understand Sensei Iha’s inner workings, which are best obtained from his 2 closest friends snd martial arts comrades through out his life. Be well, Robert S. Menders, Director Shidokan Detroit, Dan 8th Degree.

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