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Yanbaru – Visit Okinawa

A month ago I spent a weekend up in the Yanbaru forests to write an article for the Visit Okinawa website. Okinawan photographer Nirai was there to take the photos and video of my adventures for the website, so it was a really interesting to be on the other side of the lens. I was also able to get a few snaps over the weekend, when I wasn’t mugging for his camera.

Mangrove seed pods, Higashi Village, Okinawa
Kayak guide Enishi-san.
Waterfall, Aha Village, Kunigami, Yanbaru, Okinawa
Wildlife artist Ichiro Kikuta

I interviewed Kikuta-san many years ago for Okinawa Living magazine, you can read the article here. You can find out more about his birdwatching tours and his artwork here.

Sakishima suounoki tree, Aha Village, Kunigami, Yanbaru, Okinawa
Japanese bush warbler dead after being hit by car on roads of Yanbaru, Kunigami, Okinawa.

I didn’t mention it in the article, but we came across this dead Japanese bush warbler, that looked to have been just hit by a vehicle. The beautiful winding roads of northern Okinawa may seem like the perfect place to stretch the legs of your car or motorbike, but the local people and wildlife would prefer it if you slow down and enjoy a more relaxed pace of life.


  1. martaaliotigenova says

    Splendide foto… Complimenti! Non c’e’ cosa piu’ meravigliosa che la natura! E quanto e’ importante rallentare, ritrovare un tempo letto e riscoprire la vera bellezza in un filo d’erba, in una lucertola, in un albero…
    Come stai, chris? Dopo tanti anni dal nostro incontro e breve ma piacevole parentesi di tempo passato insieme a Istanbul, ho ritrovato il bigliettino col tuo sito e info su tue foto… Ricordo con piacere il the alla menta e le parole condivise!! Un caro saluto, marta alioti (Genova, Italia)

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