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We have a couple of big announcements regarding karate in Okinawa.

Sensei: Masters of Okinawan Karate SERIES TWO coming in 2022

After the extremely positive feedback we got about the first series of our documentary about Okinawan karate, we are going to make a second series that will be released in 2022.

You can read all the details about series one, our future plans, and fundraising here: Sensei Documentary

The next big news is that we are going to be offering a streaming service for karate seminars in Okinawa. This will be organized, hosted, and interpreted by James Pankiewicz of Bujin.tv with the filming and streaming provided by Chris Willson and Yuki Willson of TRAVEL67.com. We’ve created a great way to help reconnect Okinawan karate masters with their students around the world. Our experience with videography allows us to provide audio and visual quality far superior than a simple webcam.

You can read all the details about this service here: Karate Streaming

Of course we’re still continuing to document Okinawa’s martial arts sensei for the Karate Masters Portrait Project. As the global pandemic eases we are excited about visiting the dojos of masters that we have not yet photographed, particularly on Okinawa’s outer islands.


  1. Patrick McCarthy says

    So excited about the success of the project and overwhelmed having been invited to participate in it, too … thank you Chris san and look forward to working with you again.

  2. It is wonderful that you have organized this process so that it can be shared and supported by the entire karate community. A very open and positive step!

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