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Takachiho Shrine, Miyazaki

In spring, while on assignment in Kyushu, I spent a couple of days in Takachiho which is famous for its gorge, and the kagura performances.

Another notable site is the Takachiho Shrine which is hidden in amongst many giant cedars.

Honda S660 at the torii gate of Takachiho Shrine, Miyazaki, Kyushu, Japan

As a Shinto shrine, the entrance is marked by a giant torii gate. There are komainu guardians, flanking the steps to the main shrine buidling, and another sacred komainu housed inside.

Guardian statue at Takachiho Shrine
Ema prayer tablet showing cedar trees at Takachiho Shrine

Ema, prayer tablets, that are unique to the shrine, can be purchased to write your hope and dreams. Omikuji, fortune papers, tell what your future holds. These are sold in the little shrine shop manned by the miko (巫女), shrine maidens, who are dressed in red and white.

Takachiho Shrine at dusk.

As I was visiting officially, I was able to ask the staff if I could take a photograph of one of the miko in front of the shrine. This is not something I’d usually be able to do, so a huge thank you to the staff of the shrine for being so friendly and accommodating.

A miko (巫女), or shrine maiden at Takachiho Shrine

All pics taken with the Sony A7RIV and the FE 24-105 f4 lens which is a great combination for travel photography when you need one lens for many different situations.

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