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Channeling Michael Bay

It’s only when I start looking through images in Lightroom that I notice that I’m picking up certain habits while shooting. When using the Profoto B1 strobe, I tend to position it off to my right and a little higher than the subject. For natural light portraits I usually have eye contact, but with off camera flash I seem to prefer them looking out of the frame towards the light. The unexpected result is that several of the images look like stills from a Michael Bay movie. All you need in the next frame is an asteroid, an autobot, or an alien spaceship.

Karate Masters Portrait Project – Narihiro Shinjo

Narihiro Shinjo, Uechi Ryu karate master, and younger brother of Kiyohide Shinjo. He has won the kata section of karate championships so many times, James and I are having trouble working out the exact number. Just like his brother he is fast, conditioned beyond belief, and very very strong. He is also a lovely man, and has great control, which is a relief when a foot that could probably pass through concrete flies towards your camera.

Pentax 645D II

Images (not verifiable)  have now begun to appear on the internet of a new Pentax 645D II to be revealed at the CP+ Camera and Photo Imaging Show in Tokyo next week. No news of the exact sensor, but a tilt screen would suggest live view, which would mean CMOS not CCD. The Pentax K3 is arguably the best APS sensor DSLR on the market, and it looks like the new 645D will rewrite the rules for medium format digital. For Pentaxians we live in exciting times.

The Goroka Show, Papua New Guinea (Part 1)

Goroka is a town in the Eastern Highlands of Papua New Guinea. It has less than twenty thousand residents and is accessible from Port Moresby by plane. Coffee is the main cash-crop, and the town is most famous for the 3-day Goroka Show in mid-September. The Goroka Show is a gathering of tribes from all over Papua New Guinea. In 2013 there were around 120 different Sing-sing groups participating. I’d seen some photos online of the festival and so made the journey from Okinawa to Goroka specifically to take some portraits of the various tribes. I took the Pentax 645D camera, the 645 35mm wide-angle and the new 645D 90mm macro. I mainly used the 90mm for portraits. Because it’s a macro lens, I was able to get up close and personal.