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Genki Oba-chan

Okinawan women not only have the longest life expectancy in the world, but the extra years are usually healthy, happy and productive. The reason is more nurture than nature, so eat your veggies, get some exercise, cherish your friendships, and remember to smile.

Protecting the Okinawa Rail

The Okinawa Rail ( Gallirallus okinawae ) know locally as the Yanbaru Kuina is a small flightless bird that is endemic to the forests of northern Okinawa. There are less than a thousand birds remaining on Okinawa, and numerous factors both natural and manmade are keeping the population small. Various animals kill  the birds including jungle crows, mongooses and cats. The crows are a natural part of the forest ecosystem, but mongooses were introduced to try and control the habu snake population, and feral cats are discarded strays and their progeny. Signs are now posted telling people not to discard their unwanted pets, and for several years there has been a program to try and eradicate the mongoose from the northern part of the island. Another common killer of the Okinawa Rail is motor vehicles. The local government has tried to reduce the frequency of accidents by posting warning signs for motorists informing them to slow down, phone numbers if you should find (or be the cause of) an injured bird, and mini exit ramps …

In the Studio – Yuki

Model – Yuki MUA – Summer Johnson Pentax 645D HD PENTAX-D FA645 MACRO 90mmF2.8ED AW S Lighting – Charcoal background. Beauty dish powered by Profoto Pro-7a as the main light. Small softbox as low fill. Medium size strip softboxes on both sides adding rimlight (powered by Profoto compacts). A fifth compact aimed at the background. Strobes triggered with PocketWizards.

Andrea Conn – Location / Studio Session

Last week I did a location / studio session with bodybuilder and servicewoman Andrea Conn.  Andrea has been training for the Pacific Muscle Classic Show on June 2nd, and wanted photos of herself while looking and feeling at her peak. After an hour on the beach we headed over to the studio and I shot both fitness portraits, and some softer beauty shots. This gave her a nice selection of images for both her own albums and to send to family back home. All in all, a fantastic shoot with a lovely lady. I’m sure she’ll knock it out of the park at tomorrow’s competition.