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The ongoing misadventures of Pu & Bear

Lab Report – Disturbance in the Cosmos

I haven’t offered family portraits in the cosmos fields. I’ve done model shoots in the cosmos, but I’ve usually referred parents with kids on to other photographers. However, in preparation for sessions next year, I decided I’d do a test shoot to work out the best locations and angles etc.  Bear played the role of a small child, and things were going fine, until I thought the pics might look better without the orange collar. Bad idea. Never feed Gremlins after midnight, never call Chuck Norris a sissy, and never remove Bear’s collar. Not unless you have a clearly defined strategy as to how you are going to catch, and then clean the ball of mud and fur, before putting her back in the car. She’s too fast for me, she’s too fast for the camera’s autofocus. In conclusion, from Spring 2015 I will offer family sessions in the cosmos fields. If your children like to roll around in the mud, then run until exhaustion, no problem. They’ll be going home in your car!

Chocolate Shake

A first attempt at capturing bear mid shake. Thanks to Michael and Pete for assisting and Bear for being repeatedly soaked. It’s a good job labs like water. Lighting – Beauty Dish as the main light, magnum reflector behind Bear, both powered by Profoto Pro-7a. The beauty dish illuminates Bear, while the strobe behind bear illuminates the droplets. Strobes triggered with PocketWizards.

High Speed Bear (More Flash Duration Testing)

Some more flash duration testing this time with Bear as the model. When using natural light you can freeze action by using a fast shutter speed. When using a strobe (and low ambient light) you freeze action with the light from the strobe rather than the shutter. The length of the pulse of light that comes out of the strobe is the flash duration. The shorter the flash duration the cleaner the image as you will get less blur. In these shots I threw a dog biscuit with one hand and pressed the shutter with the other. Bear is quite happy to work for food.

Kayaking in Okinawa

Last weekend I did a little bit of location scouting with Norwegian photographer Heiko Junge. Shot with both the 645D and the 67II. Put all the gear in a Pelican case so I could wade across the river. Digital Discovery #10 Not really a discovery, but… The images from the 645D are now on the blog. The film from the Pentax 67II is currently on the way to Fukuoka for processing. Will get it back next week. After scanning the film I will post the images. Of course, the usage of my images extends beyond 470 pixels wide on my blog, but it is a clear reminder of the increase in speed using a digital workflow.