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High Speed Bear (More Flash Duration Testing)

Some more flash duration testing this time with Bear as the model.

When using natural light you can freeze action by using a fast shutter speed. When using a strobe (and low ambient light) you freeze action with the light from the strobe rather than the shutter. The length of the pulse of light that comes out of the strobe is the flash duration. The shorter the flash duration the cleaner the image as you will get less blur.

In these shots I threw a dog biscuit with one hand and pressed the shutter with the other. Bear is quite happy to work for food.

High Speed Bear (1)

High Speed Bear (2)

High Speed Bear (3)

High Speed Bear (4)


  1. Katharine says

    Love the attentive expression in 1
    Great action in 2
    Slightly scary in 3
    Scooby Doo in 4!

  2. OMG Chris these are classic! Love the expressions on Bears face. Especially I think it was the last 2.

  3. Katey says

    Brilliant Chris! All frames are great. I, especially; love the last expression on Bear’s face. I think her eyes are saying, ” That’s all you’re going to give me?”. Encore Bear!

    Bear deserves a super treat!

  4. Tom Amick says

    Amazing photos! Love those moves from Bear. For me the last shot gets the blue ribbon. I’m always interested in getting the laugh. All of this work makes me want to experiment with some flash photography. Thanks for the inspiration Chris.

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