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The best camera is the one you have with you

Took the camera with me on the dog’s walk. Nice evening light. It was dark by the time I’d managed to get Bear back on the lead. Labrador’s should be classed as marine mammals, and chocolate labs do not seem to develop obedience or common sense with age.

Into the Sun on Ishikawa Beach.

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  1. Tord S Eriksson says

    Indeed, indeed, indeed! My camera, nowadays, when I haven’t any of my Pentax DSLRs (or SLR) with me, and their bulk, the Olympus ZX-1. It is just 10MP, but it has surprisingly little noise (due to a physically big sensor), and decent depth of colour. The size is about the same as the wife’s E-PL1, but it has a retracting lens (thus more like a E-PL1 without any lens), like many compacts, so much easier to bring along. It has an unusally big sensor with fairly few MPs, thus making the combimination with a lens of f1.8 at its wide end, hard to beat, in most light conditions. The only weak side is the fairly restricted zoom (X4.1), otherwise it is quite superb – adding an Olympus EVF helps a lot (normally nor bundled with the camera – the same unit as that for the PEN series).

    Next best, for me, is the Pentax K-x with a 43, or a 21, lens (the latter hampered by being less than ideal, as maximum f is 3.2, not very impressive in any way)! The Pentax 40 is not bad either, but the 43 is way beyond that in sharpness, but maybe not in compactness.

    Recently the wife and I looked through a few comparive shots at dpreview, and the clear winner was the Leica X1, with the Olympus XZ-1 coming third, after the E-PL2. Not very surprising as their prices are arranged in that order. The opposition, that quite didn’t make it, was the Fuji X100 that sadly didn’t quite excel, as one would think it would. At low ISO it was very good, but not when the ISO rose. Rendering of reds is the Pentax K-5’s only flaw – never get it quite right. Adding a IR-blocking filter helps, but not all the way! The Leica has just one flaw, its very expensive, as fixed focus compacts goes!

    The Pentax 21, with a Canon 250D on (for close-ups) is a powerful combination on any PK Mount camera, likewise a 77mm Canon 500D on a Tamron 10-24 is another impressive combination (The Tamron excist in versions for most common SLRs, including Canon, Nikon and Pentax).

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