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Kayaking in Okinawa

Last weekend I did a little bit of location scouting with Norwegian photographer Heiko Junge. Shot with both the 645D and the 67II. Put all the gear in a Pelican case so I could wade across the river.

Lab testing Pelican case with 645D and 67 gear

Lab testing Pelican case with 645D and 67 gear

Kayaking in Okinawa (1)

Kayaking in Okinawa (1)

Kayaking in Okinawa (2)

Kayaking in Okinawa (2)

Digital Discovery #10

Not really a discovery, but…

The images from the 645D are now on the blog. The film from the Pentax 67II is currently on the way to Fukuoka for processing. Will get it back next week. After scanning the film I will post the images. Of course, the usage of my images extends beyond 470 pixels wide on my blog, but it is a clear reminder of the increase in speed using a digital workflow.


  1. Steve says

    Great photo’s, they are so clear. You have just inspired me to take photo’s whilst out on the kayak. Wonder how much a rig like that costs and if it is a waterproof or just sprayproof camera.
    Would like to see more photo’s.
    Best regards Steve

    • Steve,
      The camera I was using has some weather sealing but is not waterproof. I was standing thigh deep in the water next to the kayak for the second shot.

      A great idea would be to get a camera like the Pentax Optio W90, a tiny tripod or suction mount, and the O-RC1 remote control. The camera and remote are waterproof. Mount the camera on the mount and strap to the front of the kayak. Use the carabiner as a back up so you can’t lose the camera. Hold remote in your hand (or tape to the paddle) then hit the river. Should be able to get some great action shots this way.

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