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Need more space

1TB internal hard disk for Mac Pro

1TB internal hard disk for Mac Pro

Digital Discovery #9

If your camera produces large files,  you are quickly going to fill up both memory cards and hard disk space.

Returning from my latest trip I had two full 32GB cards. It was clear  that soon I would need more storage in my computer.

Just ordered an 1TB internal hard disk for the Mac Pro. This will automatically back up along with the other hard disks via time machine. I’m also going to have to consider having an off-site back up of data.

The joys of data management!


    • External hard disks. Just simple ones at the moment but others have recommended setting up a raid system for extra protection.

  1. Chris says

    I highly recommend a Drobo network storage system. Pricy compared to base components but very much worth it. Love that I can access my files from any of my 3 computers without having to swap around thumb(flash) drives or CD/DVDs. Thinking about swapping out the 1TB drives in it for 2TB to double the storage size soon.

  2. Steve Y says

    I hope you didn’t order that from the Apple store… and I wonder how much you paid (if you did).
    1.5 TB drives for 6,180 yen were the cheapest per GB I could find, but 2 TB drives were not much more per GB.

    • Hi Steve,

      Yes I did order from the apple store, and it wasn’t cheap.

      The main reason for this is that the earlier Mac Pros require slightly different internal hard drives to the later Mac Pros. By phoning the apple store they can see exactly what spec computer I have from my previous orders and make sure I get the right one.

      Could I have possibly saved a few thousand yen by getting it elsewhere, sure, but I sleep a little easier this way 🙂

      • Hi Steve,

        If you’re worried about big corporations, shouldn’t you be using Linux rather than Windows. 🙂

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