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F.A.Q. How big are the files from the Pentax 645D?

Pentax 645D file sizes

Pentax 645D file sizes (Screen capture from Adobe Bridge)

The file sizes produced by the Pentax 645D are around 15 MB  for JPEG files, 50 MB for DNG files, and a massive 225 MB for a 16bit TIFF image.

As I said in a previous post this means you will fill up memory cards and hard disk space quickly.

Also it means that you need a computer capable of some heavy lifting if you are going to start processing those files in Photoshop. A 225 MB TIFF image is huge, but if you start working with layers, you could easily be dealing with a file over 1GB .

Digital Discovery #11

I had never really used Adobe Bridge until I started shooting with the 645D.

With film the process of selecting images is done on the light table. Only the best images are scanned, catalogued, filed, and stored. Once scanned I would open the images in Photoshop.

With digital it’s quite easy to get overwhelmed by the sheer number of images, but Adobe Bridge seems to be a good way of organizing things. I can use it as a light box to quickly delete the junk, then sort by quality using the rating system. Once this is done I can then open up the raw files of the best images in Photoshop.

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