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Video with the Pentax K3

The Pentax K3 can record FullHD video so thought I’d give it a go during the weekend’s workshop. The above footage is handheld, and sound is recorded with the built-in mono microphone rather than an external stereo mic, but it looks pretty good.  Will have to spend a lot more time learning how to get the most out of the camera’s video capabilities. These moving pictures, however, are an interesting development. In fact, I’d hazardous a guess, and say it’s probably going to catch on.

Packed in like Sardines

Went for an early afternoon dive at Maeda yesterday. The place was heaving with people, but happily it was also heaving with fish as giant shoals were congregating just above the reef. I spent an hour and a half  sitting beneath the shoal watching it pulsate. Took many pictures and even tried shooting video. Not sure if the fish are even sardines, in which case the title would be something like… School’s Out For Summer Shoal Power Something Fishy’s Going On….