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Sensei – Masters of Okinawan Karate #1 Arakaki Toshimitsu

This video is the first in a possible series of interviews with Okinawan karate masters. The sensei discuss their lives and share advice on training.

The first master is Toshimitsu Arakaki, Hanshi 10th-dan, Matsubayashi-ryu Karate (Shorin-ryu). 新垣 敏光 範士十段 松林流空手 (小林流)He is the teacher of my good friend James Pankiewicz who arranged for the interview to take place. (James runs the famous Dojo Bar in Naha City, and the Asato Dojo across the street. Check them out when in Okinawa!)

This pilot video is an opportunity to see if there is much interest in making this a series of videos rather than just a one off. Potentially interviews could take place with several karate masters and include more footage of them training or their everyday lives.

Will all the videos be on YouTube?

Yes! The idea is for the videos to be available for free on YouTube to anyone who wants to watch. Hopefully individuals, dojos, or karate organizations would be willing to help sponsor the project to make it viable, but this would only be possible if I can show that there is definite interest in making the videos.

How can you help?

Give the video a thumbs upcomment, and subscribe to the channel. Share the video with others who are interested in Okinawan karate.

If you, your dojo, or your organization is interested in helping sponsor the series, I’d love to hear from you. 

What I want to do better.

We shot this video in 4K with one camera. It works, but it would be better to use at least 2 cameras to cut between shots. Outdoor footage likewise would be better with two cameras, and with the option for slow motion. The potential importance of these interviews means that I’d like to shoot these in the highest quality possible. Sound quality could also be improved using a dedicated person on audio.

 Please enjoy the video, and I hope the karate community around the world find Arakaki’s interview fascinating. 

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