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Lab Report – Disturbance in the Cosmos

I haven’t offered family portraits in the cosmos fields. I’ve done model shoots in the cosmos, but I’ve usually referred parents with kids on to other photographers. However, in preparation for sessions next year, I decided I’d do a test shoot to work out the best locations and angles etc.  Bear played the role of a small child, and things were going fine, until I thought the pics might look better without the orange collar. Bad idea. Never feed Gremlins after midnight, never call Chuck Norris a sissy, and never remove Bear’s collar. Not unless you have a clearly defined strategy as to how you are going to catch, and then clean the ball of mud and fur, before putting her back in the car. She’s too fast for me, she’s too fast for the camera’s autofocus. In conclusion, from Spring 2015 I will offer family sessions in the cosmos fields. If your children like to roll around in the mud, then run until exhaustion, no problem. They’ll be going home in your car!

Profoto Pro-7 Ringflash

One Ring to rule them all, One Ring to find them, One Ring to bring them all and in the darkness bind them, One Ring to light them all, and in the studio blind them. A week ago I bought an old Profoto Pro-7 Ringflash on Ebay. Steven over in Denmark mailed it off to me and it arrived this morning. First thing was to check that it actually worked by shooting the dog. Ringflashes create a unique style of light that is popular for some types of fashion photography. If you look at Bear’s eyes you can see the distinctive ringflash catchlights. It can also be used as a fill light to make sure there are no deep shadows.  

Lab Report – Studio Edition

Photographer’s Top Tip: When working in the studio, remember to close the door so that your chocolate labrador does not wander in. Bear lumbered straight into the shoot, and greeted the model by slobbering all over her. In the future, along with a model release, I may have to get everyone to sign a liability waiver, with specific reference to acts of Dog.